Capital sources selection

Our team at Armila is extremely experienced in handling Capital Advisory, specifically specialising in delivering capital solutions for investment funds, raising capital and completing secondary transactions. Our network is not limited domestically and our team have partners worldwide.

Our Offering

We advise our clients and negotiate on all types of acquisition finance, such as structuring and completing task, strategy and direction, with both the buy-side and the sell-side. At Armila, we help clients to access specialised sources of finance, facilitating complex and unusual acquisitions.

Our capital raising services include valuation, incentive, syndicate and security structuring, investor targeting, listing venue and advise on underwriter selection and offering size and pricing. We execute capital solutions and are committed to providing the opportunities of sales or spin-offs to provide our clients with a full range of options for moving forward.

Our clients receive a wealth of knowledge and an international network of partnerships in raising capital for investment opportunities and private equity funds of all types. Our previous experience with complex transactions has resulted in successful capital raising and rewarding relationships with our clients.

Our investment professionals have a long history of dealing with minority investments and structuring strategic capital. We believe there is significant opportunity in holding interests in a vast amount of companies, however small the percentage. We offer advisory services on strategic financing tailored specifically to each client.

Armila’s professionals provide a flexible, comprehensive offering to all venture capital activity. We provide support on investment structuring and management, fund formation, corporate and intellectual property due diligence, as well as on investment exit execution and strategies.