Digital Transformation

In our digital age, all companies must change how they think, how they interact with customers, partners, and suppliers, and how the business works inside. Customer, partner, and supplier expectations have changed, and a gap is opening between what they expect from their interaction with companies and what those companies are currently able to deliver. Companies must immediately work to close this expectation gap, or the entire business is at risk.

Our Offering

A digital strategy is a strategy focused on utilizing digital technologies to better serve one particular group of people (customers, employees, partners, suppliers, etc.) or to serve the needs of one particular business group (HR, finance, marketing, operations, etc.). The scope of a digital strategy can be quite narrow, such as using digital channels to market to consumers in a B2C company; or broader, such as re-imagining how marketing could be made more efficient through the use of digital tools like CRM, marketing automation, social media monitoring, etc. and hopefully become more effective at the same time.

Enhance your customer experience and marketing capabilities by harnessing the power of digital to deliver a great user experience at a radically lower cost. Use customer data to improve your messaging, and build your brand with an omnichannel strategy that spans the physical and digital.

Embed advanced digital capabilities across your operations, from the factory floor to your supply chain and customer service operations, while exploring the expanding potential of the Internet of Things.

Transform your IT function with the modernised capabilities needed, from the right system architecture and operating model to an effective cost structure, to support the company’s digital future.

Apply advanced design and prototyping capabilities to your digital projects with the help of Armila Capital experts in human-centred design, prototyping, software engineering, digital marketing and advanced analytics. Our Digital Transformation team helps you build the internal capabilities you need to innovate consistently with digital. We can also help you accelerate the progress of your digital initiatives by embedding agile capabilities into your processes, and measure and refine the impact of your digital strategy through the use of advanced analytics tools and capabilities.